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  1.Good morning 2.Good afternoon 3. Good evening 4.in English 5.an orange 6.spell it

  7.what color 8.a red cup 9. his blue ruler 10.her yellow key 11. my name 12.his name

  13. her name 14.telephone number 15.first name 16.last name 17.my friend 18.in China

  19.in my family 20.her father 21.have a good day 22.his parents 23.two photos of my family

  24.in the first photo 25.in the next picture 26.these two girls 27.the name of my dog 28.excuse me

  29.what about 30.thanks...for. 31.in the school library 32.ask...for 33.call...at. 34.school ID card

  35.a computer game 36.on the sofa 37. under the chair 38.in your schoolbag 39.under the table

  40.in my grandparents’ room 41.on your head 42.tape player 43.model plane 44.under the radio

  45.ping-pong bat 46.be late 47.let sb do 48.That sounds good. 49 play volleyball 50. watch TV

  51.play basketball 52.in the same school 53.play..with 54.do sports 55.after class 56.think about

  57.next week 58.some fruit 59.get salad 60.ask...about 61.eating habits 62.the volleyball star

  63.like...for breakfast/lunch/dinner 64.what fruit 65.one last question 66.be fat 67.want to do sth

  68.healthy food 69.for breakfast/lunch/dinner 70.how much 71.a sweater for school 72.two dollars

  for one pair 73. a pair of /two pairs of 74. clothes store 75. at our great sale 76. at very good prices

  77.skirts in purple 78.Happy birthday .79. how old 80. in August 81. on May 1st 82. come to my

  birthday party 83.at three p.m 84.English test 85.school trip 86.School Day 87.book sale 88.

  English Day 89.art festival 90.Sports Day 91.soccer game 92.this term 93. my favorite subject

  94. on Monday 95.the next day 96. for sure 97.from...to 98.have an art lesson 99.on Friday

  afternoon 100.your math class


  Starters units1—3 X Kb1 .Co m

  1. ---What’s this in English? ---It’s an orange. (其中 what’s = _______ ____; it’s = ____ ___)

  2. ---What color is the key? ---It’s black and white.

  ---What color are the strawberries? ---They’re red. (其中they’re = _______ _______)

  3. ① a或an与可数名词单数连用,泛指某类人或某物中的一个。

  a用在以辅音音素开头的词前,如a book; an用在以元音音素开头的字母前,如an apple.

 、 the表示某个或某些特定的人或事物,也可以指上文提到过的人或事物。

  如:This is a cat. The cat is white. Its an English book. The book is yellow and green.

  注意:一个f ____f (类似的字母还有h, l, m, n, r, s, x) 一个u _____u

  Unit 1

  1.我姓格林。你姓布朗吗? My last name is Green. _____ _______ _______ _______ Brown?

  2. first name 名字 = given name last name 姓氏 = family name an ID card 一张身份证

  3. phone number 电话号码 = telephone number 4. name’s = name is I’m = I am

  5. 我____ 你____ 他 _____ 她 ____ 他的 ____ 她的 ____ 你的_____ 我的___

  Unit 2

  1. isn’t = _____ _____ ; aren’t = _______ ______ 不是 2. play computer games玩电脑游戏

  3. call sb.at + 电话号码 拨(某电话号码)找某人 4. excuse me 请原谅,打扰了

  5. a set of keys 一串钥匙 6. How do you spell it?(it 为宾格) 你怎么拼读它呢?

  7. Is this/ that your dictionary? 这/那是你的字典吗? 答:Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

  8. Thank you very much. 答:You’re welcome. (不用谢)

  Unit 3

  1. these’re = ______ _____ those’re = _____ _____ that’s = _____ ____ 注意:this is _____缩写

  2. thanks for +动词ing 为…感谢 Thanks for helping me.=Thanks for your help.感谢你的帮助。

  3. a photo of your family = your family photo 你的全家福照片

  4. 比较:Here is your letter. 这是你的信。 Here are the watches. 这是那些手表。

  Unit 4

  1. under the chair /on the floor在椅子下/在地板上 in the room 在房间里

  2. take “带走”,从近处带到远处 如:Please take these books to Mary. 请把这些书带给玛丽。

  bring “带来”,从远处带来 如:Please bring me some books.请给我带些书来。

  3. need + 某人或某物. “需要…” 如:She needs these books. 她需要这些书。

  4. 比较:---Where is (= ________) the baseball? ---Where are his dictionaries?

  ---It’s under the dresser. ---They’re in the backpack.

  5. I know. 我知道。 否定句:I don’t know. 我不知道。 一般疑问句:Do you know? 你知道吗?

  6. Can you bring some things to school ? 你能带一些东西来学校吗? 答:Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

  Unit 5

  1. 球类运动前不用the,如:play volleyball/ basketball every day 每天打排球/ 篮球

  2. play sports做运动,参加体育比赛 = do sports sports collection体育收藏 sports club 体育俱乐部

  3. watch TV 看电视 watch them on TV 在电视上观看它们

  4. Let + 代词的宾格 + 动词原形 “让某人做……”

  如:Let’s ( = ______ _______) go. 让我们走吧。 Let me see. 让我看看。

  5. have (第三人称单数形式) _____ do (三单) _____ they (宾格)______ us(主格)______

  7. 比较good 和well :That sounds good. 那听起来不错。 He can play chess well. 他下棋下得好。

  8. 比较:---Do they have a computer? ---Does he have a soccer ball?

  ---Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. ---Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.

  Unit 6

  1. have … for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner 早餐/ 午餐/ 晚餐吃……

  2. healthy food健康食品

  4. good(adj. 好的)& well(adv. 好) The good runner eats well.这个优秀的运动员吃得好。

  5. 名词所有格:① 一般加 ’s;以 s 结尾的(特别是名词复数),在 s 后加 ’ 如:

  Sally’s address 莎莉的地址 the teachers’ room 老师们的房间 three hours’ class 三小时的课

 、 Mary and Lindas desk 玛丽和琳达的课桌 (两个人共有的课桌,desk用单数)

  Marys and Lindas birthdays 玛丽的生日和琳达的生日 (各自的生日,birthday用复数)

 、 …of + 名词 (无生命的物体) 如:the color of the sweater a photo of your family

  Unit 7

  1. How much is this sweater? = What’s the price of this sweater? 这件毛衣多少钱一件。

  2. at a very good price 以优惠的价格 on sale 廉价出售;出售 great sale 大减价

  3. T-shirts in black = black T-shirts 黑色的T恤衫

  4. for + 钱的数量= at the price of + 钱的数量 以……(具体的)价格

  We have black and blue hats for $15. 我们以15美元出售黑蓝色的帽子。

  同义句:We sell black and blue hats at the price of $15.

  5. Here you are. 给你。 6. Youre welcome. 不客气。

  Unit 8

  1. date of birth 出生日期 =birthday 2. how old 几岁,多大年纪

  3. I’m twelve. = I am twelve years old. 我十二岁。

  4. ① on + 具体某一天或具体某一天的早、中、晚 如:on Sunday on January 2nd 在1月2号

  on the morning of October 1st 在十月一号的早晨 on Monday evening 在星期一晚上

 、 in + 时间段 如:in the morning / afternoon / evening在早晨/中午/晚上

  in a year / month/ week在一年/月/周里  in April在四月里 in 2011 在2011年

 、 at + 几点,例如: at 8:00 at noon/ night在正午/夜里

  5. 特殊疑问词:what(什么),how(怎么样,如何),where(在哪里),when(何时),who(谁),what time (几点),how much(多少+不可数名词;多少钱),how many (多少+可数名词)

  Unit 9

  1. Her favorite subject is science. = She likes science best. 她最喜欢的学科是科学。

  2. on Wednesday 在星期三 3. after class 课后 after school 放学后

  4. play with 和… 玩耍 5. 对星期几提问:What day is it today? 对日期提问: What’s the date today?

  6. The students go to school every day.

  否定句:The students don’t go to school every day.

  一般疑问句:Do the students go to school every day? 回答:Yes, they do. / No, they don’t.

  Mary does homework at 20:00.

  否定句:Mary doesn’t do homework at 20:00.

  一般疑问句:Does Mary do homework at 20:00? 回答:Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.


  一 用所给词的适当形式填空

  1. What’s _______(you) name?

  2 .Nice to _______(meet) you.

  3. ______(I) name is Gina.

  4. 1 _______(he) name is Jim.

  5._______(be) you Mary?

  6. What ________(be) her name?

  7. Hello! I ___________(be) Alan.

  8.. Here are two ______ (picture).

  9.. Is _____ (these) your eraser?

  10.. _______ (that) are my brothers.

  11.. ______ (Her) isn’t Susan. Her name is Mary.

  12. Lin Hai and Guo Peng are my ______ (friend).

  13. My name _________(be) Jenny. 51. He eats two _______ (egg) for breakfast.

  14.. Barry ______(like) fruit salad.

  15.. Here are some _______(tomato).

  16.. They eat _____ (good) and they are healthy.

  17.. He is a good _______ (run).

  18..There are some ________(tomato)in the basket.

  19..Do you like French ________(fry)?

  20..She ________(have)ice cream for dessert.

  21..________(health)food is important.

  22.She ________(do not)play sports.

  23..________ your mother ________(watch)TV every day?

  24..The little girl likes ________(strawberry)a lot.

  25.Lots of children(孩子) like ________(play)football.

  26.Chicken ________(be)very delicious.

  27.My daughter ________(run)evening morning.

  28.He wants _____¬¬¬___ (swim) in the pool.

  29.He likes _________(run ) in the morning.

  30. It’s very exciting (have) a Chinese friend.

  31.School usually _______(start) at 8:30 am

  32.Please _______( fill ) in the blanks.

  33. Can he ________ (swim)?

  34. Why do you want ________ (join) the club?

  35. The clothes at the store ________ (be) cheap and nice.

  36. Do you like ________ (swim) at the pool?

  37. ________ (not talk) in class!

  写出下列缩写词的完全形式 (10分)

  38. I’m = what’s = her name’s =

  isn’t = let’s =

  B) 根据句意填写单词,完成句子。(每小题1分, 共5分)

  39. The boy isn’t David. _______ is Jim.

  40. My father’s sister is my ______.

  41. ______ me, is Jim your brother?

  42. Linda is my ______ and I’m her mother.

  43. Tommy’s father and mother are his ______.

  根据句意填入所缺的单词 (5’)

  43. August is the ________ month of a year.

  44. _________ is the second month of a year.

  45. __________ is the first month of a year.

  46. September is the _________ month of a year.

  47. __________ is the eleventh month of a year.

  按要求写出单词的相应形式 (5’)

  1. three (序数词)___________ 2. ninth (基数词)_________

  3. birthday (复数)___________ 4. Jan. (完整形式)_____ _____

  5. October (缩写形式)_________ 6. eight (序数词) ___________

  7. 10th (完整形式)___________ 8. second (缩写形式)_________

  9. twenty (序数词)____________ 10. thirty-first (基数词)___________


  1.Monday is the s_____ day of the week.

  2.Sam is 12 years old. His b_____ is October 3rd.

  3. 4.What s____ do you play at school ?

  5.Teachers’ Day is on S______ 10th.

  September is the n______ month of the year.


  1. He eats two _______ (egg) for breakfast.

  2. Barry ______(like) fruit salad.

  3. Here are some _______(tomato).

  4. They eat _____ (good) and they are healthy.

  5. He is a good _______ (run).

  B. 根据所给单词的首字母或汉意填空

  1.My partner doesn’t like ________ (科学)

  2.Jennifer’s ________ (最喜欢的) day is Friday, because he can play football.

  3.I like art very much. It’s __________ (有趣的)

  4.I am s______ you like some subjects.

  5.My m_______ teacher is Mr. Liu.

  6.I eat l_______ at twelve o’clock.

  7.He likes English because it is f______.

  8.We can play games on M_______ afternoon

  9.I don’t like (星期三), but Selina does.

  10.I want to have a trip (在附近) the city of Lanzhou


  1. --Thank you very much! --Youre w______

  2. Do you w a big bed or a small one for your son?

  3. I get a school bag at a very good p______

  4. There is a big s near our school. There are many school things in it.

  5. You can b __ some food in a supermarket (超市).


  1. --Where do you want to go? — here, please. I can tell (告诉) you.

  2. The trousers are too . Do you have long ones?

  3. She likes __ shoes, but I like white ones.

  4. The blue sweater is very small. I want a one!

  5. We __ all kinds of things. What would you like to buy?

  IV. 写出下列各词的复数形式

  1)key ________ 2)box_______ 3) library______ 4) month________

  5)party______ 6)family_______ 7) boy______ 8) woman ______

  9)man ________ 10) day _______ 11) watch _______ 12) photo ________

  13) orange ________14)dictionary _______ 15) tomato _______ 16) dollar _________

  17) class_______ 18) strawberry ______ 19)this______ 20) child _________

  21)that_______ 22)it______ 23)I _______ 24)me_____ 25)is_________


  ( )⒈ “What’s your name, please?” “____”

  A. My name’s Lucy. B. I’m nine. C. I’m Meimei.

  ( )⒉ “Hello! Good morning!” “____”

  A. Morning. B. Good. C. How do you do?

  ( )⒊ “How are you, Peter?” “____”

  A. Fine, thanks. B. Guess. C. How are you, Lin Tao?

  ( )⒋ “____, Li Lei. ” “Nice to meet you, too.”

  A. How are you B. What’s your name C. Nice to meet you

  ( )⒌ “____” “I’m fine. And you?”

  A. Can I have some water? B. How are you? C. How old are you?

  ( )⒍ ____ you Ann?

  A. are B. Are C. Is

  ( )⒎ What’s ____ name?

  A. you B. is C. your

  ( )⒏ Nice to ____ you.

  A. Meet B. thank C. see

  ( )⒐ “Hello!” “____”

  A. Thanks you. B. Hello! C. Oh!

  ( )11.What ______ this in English? It’s ______ .

  A.is,map B.are,a map C.is,a map D.are,map

  ( )12.一Is this your eraser? — ___________ .

  A.No.it isn’t.It’s my eraser. B.Yes,it’s.It’s my eraser.

  C.Yes,it is.It’s my. D.Yes.It’s my eraser.

  ( )13.一Is that your backpack? 一No.it isn’t.It’s ______ backpack.

  A.my B.her C.he D.me

  ( )14.一Is this your ruler? 一 ______ .It’s his ruler.

  A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn’t C.Yes,it isn’t D.No.it is

  ( )15.It’s a pen.________ ?It’s a desk.

  A.What is this B.This is what C.And what’s this D.What’s it

  ( )16.一_______ do you spell computer?


  A.Can B.What C.How D.Who

  ( )17.一What’s this in English? — ______ a pen .

  A.This’s B.This is C.Its D.It’s

  ( )18.一Is that an eraser? — ___________ .

  A.Yes,it isn’t B.No.that isn’t C.Yes,that is D.No,it isn’t

  ( )19.一Is that a bus? — __________ .

  A.It’s a bus B.Yes,that’s a bus C.No,it isn’t D.No,it’s a bus

  ( )20.My name is ______ .

  A.Sun Hui Min B.Sun HuiMin C.Sun Hui min D.Sun Huimin

  ( )21. Please call Jenny ______ 341-6528.

  A. to B. at C. in D. of

  ( )22. Jack, ______ this your key?

  A. be B. am C. is D. are(

  ( )23. —What’s that? —______ is a pen.

  A. This B. It C. He D. She

  ( )24. I ______ a watch. Is it your watch, David?

  A. look B. spell C. lost D. found

  ( )25. Please call Jane. This is ______ phone number.

  A. my B. your C. her D. his

  ( )26. This is ______ eraser and ______ eraser is Tom’s.

  A. the; a B. the; an C. a; the D. an; the

  ( )27. It isn’t ______ notebook. It’s ______ notebook.

  A. my; your B. my; you C. me; your D. me; you

  ( )28. —______ you spell your name? —K-E-L-S-E-Y.

  A. How are B. How do C. What are D. What do

  ( )29. —Is that his ring? —______.

  A. Yes, he is B. Yes, this is C. No, it isn’t D. No, that isn’t

  ( )30. —______, Bob. What’s this? —A map.

  A. Excuse me B. Nice to meet you C. Thank you D. OK

  ( )31. —Where’s the cat (猫)? —It’s ______.

  A. on the table B. under the table C. on the chair D. under the chair

  ( )32. —Is this ______ alarm clock? —Yes, _____ is my brother’s.

  A. a; he B. a; it C. an; he D. an; it

  ( )33. Two books and a pencil case are in the ______ of the desk.

  A. tape B. floor C. drawer D. chair

  ( )34. Can you bring my dictionary to school? I _______ it.

  A. need B. know C. bring D. take

  ( ) 35. —Where are his notebooks? —______ are on the desk.

  A. You B. They C. These D. Those

  ( )36. Jane, bring my math book ______ here, please.

  A. to B. at C. in D. /

  ( )37. —______ is on the dresser? —A key.

  A. What B. What color C. How D. Where

  ( )38. —Is the eraser in your backpack? —_________. I lost it this morning.

  A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, they are D. No, they’re not

  ( )39. —Mom, ________ my backpack on the sofa?—Sorry (对不起), I ______ know.

  A. is; am not B. do; am not C. is; don’t D. do; don’t

  ( )40. —Please take the notebook to your sister. —______.

  A. Fine, thanks B. Excuse me C. OK D. Good morning

  ( )41. We play ______ basketball every day.

  A. a B. an C. the D. /

  ( )42. —Do you play baseball? —No, but I watch baseball games _____ TV.

  A. on B. at C. in D. for

  ( )43. —Let’s watch TV. —Oh, no. It’s ______.

  A. interesting B. boring C. relaxing D. good

  ( )44. —That’s a good song (歌曲). —Yes, it _____ nice.

  A. spells B. calls C. sounds D. watches

  ( )45. His school has three _________: a soccer club, a basketball club and a tennis club.

  A. sport B. sports club C. sports D. sports clubs

  ( )46. —Are ______ your cousins? —No. I don’t know ______.

  A. they; they B. they; them C. them; they D. them; them

  ( )47. I ______ two pens, and my brother ______ three.

  A. have; has B. has; have C. have; have D. has; has

  ( ) 48. —______! I have four volleyballs. —That’s great. But I only _____ volleyball


  A. Look; look B. Look; watch C. Watch; look D. Watch; watch

  ( )49. —Do you have a telephone? —______. And it’s red.

  A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not C. Yes, I do D. No, I don’t

  ( )50. —Let’s play soccer. —______. It’s interesting.

  A. I don’t play soccer B. I don’t have a soccer ball

  C. That sounds difficult D. That sounds good

  ( )51. This is _______ apple, and that is _______ pear.

  A. a; a B. a; an C. an; a D. an; an

  ( )52. ______ dessert, he eats ice cream.

  A. In B. To C. Of D. For

  ( )53. —Jane, ______ your brother like oranges?—No, he only likes apples.

  A. is B. are C. do D. does

  ( )54. To keep (保持) ______, John plays sports every day.

  A. last B. healthy C. boring D. difficult

  ( )55. —Let’s have some ______. —OK. I like fruit.

  A. bananas B. hamburgers C. eggs D. chicken

  ( )56. Can you ________ the strawberries to me, Mom?

  A. have B. bring C. watch D. eat

  ( )57. They have ______ desks and chairs.

  A. a lot B. a lots C. lot of D. lots of

  ( )58. —_______ do you like? —Ice cream.

  A. What B. How C. Where D. What color

  ( )59. Bill ______ soccer, but he doesn’t ______ basketball.

  A. like; like B. likes; like C. like; likes D. likes; likes

  ( )60. —Do your parents like chicken? —______. But I like it.

  A. Yes, we do B. No, we don’t C. Yes, they do D. No, they don’t

  ( )61. They have clothes

  A. at good price B. at a good price C. in good price D. in a good price

  ( )62. The red socks $4.

  A. are B. is C. am D. can

  ( )63.— ?

  —Its red and blue.

  A. Wheres your shirt B. What color is your shirt

  C. Whats color your shirt D. How old is your shirt

  ( )64. We have T-shirts blue, red, yellow and black only 25 yuan.

  A. in; in B. on; by C. in; for D. on; on

  ( )65. girls, we have many skirts, are very nice.

  A. To; They B. For; They C. To; It D. For; It

  ( )66. —How much the socks?

  — __ twenty dollars.

  A. is; Its B. are; Theyre C. are; Its D. is; Theyre

  ( )67. —Does the bookstore math books?

  —Yes. Do you want to______ one?

  A. sell; buy B. sell; sell C. buy; buy D. buy; sell

  ( )68. These shirts only 5 dollars. Do you want ?

  A. are; it B. is; them C. are; them D. is; it

  ( )69. —Can I help you?

  — . I want a red skirt.

  A. Thank you B. Im sorry C. Youre welcome D. Yes, please

  ( )70. Twenty-eight and twelve

  A. are fourty B. is forty C. is fourty D. are forty

  ( )71. --Do you like these yellow shoes?


  A. I dont like them B. Ill take it C. Ill take them D. its 5 dollars

  ( )72. — Thank you very much.

  — ____________.

  A. Here you are B.You’re welcome C. Thank you too D. Not thanks

  ( )73.Please come ______ see ______ yourself at Huaxing Clothes Store.

  A.to;about B. at; for C.and;for D. to; at

  ( )74. He has__________ basketballs.

  A. twenty three B. twenty-three C. three-twenty D. twenty-third

  ( )75. — What is the ____________ of your sweater?

  — It’s $ 50.

  A. color B. size C. price D. style

  ( )76.He is a ______ boy .

  A 13—year---old B 13 year—old C 13—years old D 13 years old

  ( )77. October comes before _____ and after _____

  A September November B November September

  C December September D September August

  (  )78. The ____- month of the year is April.

  A first B second C third D fourth

  ( )79. ______ of the students has a bike in our class.

  A Every B Each C Some D All

  ( )80. When is Women’s Day ?It’s _____

  A June 1st B March 8th C March 12th D September 10th

  ( )81.How many days are there in September ?

  A 28 B 29 C 30 D 31

  ( )82. When is your birthday ?It’s May _____

  A four B fourteen C fourth D forty

  ( )83. Thanks for _______ me.

  A come B to come C coming D comes

  ( )84. My mother’s birthday is _______

  A July 22st B July 22th C July 22nd D July 22

  ( )85.______ is your birthday ?

  A When B Where C How many D When

  ( )86.Can his father play _____?

  A the piano B a piano C pianos D piano

  ( )87.Do they have sweaters_______ a very good price?

  A on B of C in D at

  ( )88._____________________?

  It’s September 10th

  A When does the game begin? B What day is today ? C When is Teacher’s Day ? D What time is it?

  ( )89. The blouse is very good . I’ll ______ it.

  A bring B sell C take D want

  ( )90.The girl ______ green is Jim’s sister.

  A on B in C of D 不填1.I like art because it’s __________.

  A. difficult B. not good C. boring D. relaxing

  ( )91—What _______ do you like?

  A. day B. subject C. fruit D. sport

  ----- I like math.

  ( )92. ----______ do you have P.E.?

  A. When B. What C. How D. Why

  ----We have it on Friday.

  ( )93. ---______ is your P.E. teacher?

  A. What B . Who C. Why D. When

  ---Mr Green.

  ( )94.---Why _____ he like English ?

  A. do B. is C. does D are

  - Because it’s interesting

  ( )95. –______is your English ?

  --It’s very good .

  A.What B. Who C. How D. When

  ( )96. I have P.E. ______history _____ Monday.

  A. and ,on B. and ,at C. or, on D. or ,in

  ( )97. ______ comes after Friday.

  A. Sunday B. Monday C. Tuesday D. Saturday

  ( )98. --What’s your favorite subject ?


  A It’s a music B. It’s music C. A music D. They’re music

  ( )99. I like music .It’s ________

  A.relaxed B. relaxing C. boring D. busy

  ( )100. Look! He is in a new sweater. How ___he is!

  A. free B. difficult C. cool D. easy

  ( )101. I like science , _______ it’s difficult .

  A. and B. or C. but D. because

  ( )102. We have history ____ Monday and Thursday .

  A.on B. in C. at D. /

  ( )103. –do you have art ?

  --- On Wednesday.

  A. What B. When C. Where D. How

  ( )104. They play basketball ______ two hours every day.

  A. on B. from C. in D. for

  ( )105. I’m tired(累的) ______happy .

  A. and B. with C. or D. but

  ( )106.Math is difficult__________ boring for me.

  A. and B. with C. or D. but

  ( )107.Jim likes to play football _____ his friends on Sundays.

  A.with B. for C. of D. to

  ( )108.Mary’s favorite _______is Friday.

  A. month B. day C. subject D. time

  ( )109. – ______ does he like science ? –Because it’s interesting.

  A. What B. Why C. When D. Where

  ( )110.—When do you have your English lessons ?—On_______.

  A. the morning B. the Friday morning

  C. Friday morning D. the morning Friday

  ( )111. I’m_______ you are right .

  A. sure B. good C. think D. know

  ( )112. I think science is really ________ .I don’t like it .

  A. difficult B. interesting C. exciting D. funny

  ( )113. This is my book. __ are over there.

  A. Your B. Yours C. You D. Mine

  ( )114. Whose pen is it? It’s __.

  A. her B. hers C. she D. his

  ( )115. __ bag is new and __ is new, too.

  A. Our, he B. Ours, his C. My, his D. My, her

  ( )116. This room is ours, and that one is __.

  A. they B. them C. theirs D. their

  ( )117. Whose pencils are there? They’re __.

  A. my B. me C. mine D. our

  ( )118. Is the new watch __? Yes, it’s __.

  A. you, me B. yours, mine C. your, my D. your, mine

  ( )119. Whose shoes are these? They are __.

  A. me B. mine C. my D. I

  ( )120. She is a student , __ name is Han Mei.

  A. its B. her C. hers D. his

  ( )121. It’s a dog. I don’t know __ name.

  A. its’ B. its C. it D. it’s

  ( )122. This ruler isn’t mine. I think it is __.

  A. he B. him C. his D. her

  ( )123.__ schoolbag is beautiful. But __ is more beautiful.

  A. Jims, my B. Jim’s, mine

  C. Jim’s, me D. Jims’, I

  ( )124. __ am a boy and __ is a girl.

  A. My, she B. I, her C. I, she D. Mine, she

  ( )125.I like __ new dress.

  A. She B. her C. hers D. his

  ( )126.I often help __ mother do __ housework(家务活)。

  A. me, she B. mine, her C. my, her D. I, hers

  ( )127.Is that __ hat? No, it’s not __. It’s __.

  A. your, my, Toms B. you, mine, Tom’s

  C. yours, mine, Tom D. your, mine, Tom’s


  1. My name is Jim Green (对划线部分提问)

  _________ _________ ____________?

  2. Her name is Lucy Green (对划线部分提问)

  ___________ ____________ _______________?

  3. I am Lucy.(同义句)

  ________ ________ ________ _________.

  4.Is your name Gina?(作肯定回答)。

  Yes,______ _______ .

  5.That’s my ruler.(作否定句)

  ______ ______ my ruler.

  6.Call John.His telephone number is 139-4045. (改为一个句子)

  _______________________________ .

  7.His English name is Mike.(对画线部分提问)

  ______ _______ English name?

  8.It’s a hat.(对画线部分提问)

  _______ _______ ?

  9. This is my friend. (改为一般疑问句)

  _____ _____ your friend?

  10. —Is she your cousin? (作否定回答)

  No, ______ ______.

  11. Those are my brothers. (改为单数句)

  ______ ______ my _______.

  12. Emma is her sister. (同义句改写)

  Emma ______ she _____ ______.

  13. This is a backpack. (把a换成two改写句子)

  ________ _______ two ______.


  14. this, is, notebook, his_______________________________________?

  15. my, pencil, isn’t, it, case _______________________________________.

  16. a, is, it, jacket_______________________________________?

  17. telephone, that, is, her, number _______________________________?

  18. do, you, spell, watch, how _______________________________________?

  19. My TV is on the desk .(划线提问)

  ________ _______ your TV?

  20. They are on the sofa>(变为一般问句)

  ________ ______on the sofa ?

  21 .The pictures are on the wall. (划线提问)

  ______ ______ the pictures?

  22 .The chairs are under the table .(改为单数句) ¬¬¬

  ¬______ ¬¬¬¬¬__________ under the table

  23.Frank’s tape is in the tape player. .(划线提问)

  _______ ¬¬¬¬¬__________ Frank’s tape?

  24.The notebook is under the model plane .(改为否定句)

  The notebook _____ _____under the model plane.

  25.The baseball is in the bag。(就划线部分提问)

  ____ _______in the bag ?

  26.This is a key (改为复数句)

  ______ ______ ________

  27.Those are English books .(改为单数句)

  ______ _____ ______ English ________.

  28. video tapes ,the ,are, the , in , bookcase(连词组句)


  29.I know your schoolbag is black.¬(改为否定句)

  I _______ ______ your schoolbag is black. ¬¬¬¬.

  30.Do they have a TV? (改为陈述句)


  31. Do Ken and Rice have soccer balls? (作肯定回答)


  32. I have a red watch. (把主语换成she改写句子)


  33. Sonia has a bag. (改为否定句)


  34. He plays computer games every day. (改为一般疑问句)


  35. Does his sister like pears? (作肯定回答)


  36. This is an orange. (改为复数形式)


  37. I eat apples every day. (把I换成Sally改写句子)


  38. He likes ice cream. (改为否定句)


  39. Ed plays ball games every afternoon. (改为一般疑问句)


  40. They are my teachers . (将下列各句改成否定句和一般疑问句)

  否定:__________________________ 疑问:_______________________

  41. She has a nice volleyball.(同上)

  否定:__________________________ 疑问:_______________________

  42. They have dinner at 5:30 every day. (同上)

  否定:__________________________ 疑问:_______________________

  43.Tony is Mrs Brown’s son.(改为同义句)

  Mrs Brown ______ Tony’s _________.

  44.dinner, chicken, for, Bill, likes, eggs, and, (. ) (连词成句)

  45.His bike is eighty dollars.(对划线部分提问)

  ______ ______ ______this bike?

  46.How about these red and blue T-shirts?(改为同义句)

  _____ ______ these red and blue T-shirts?

  47.Mr. Cool’s store sells bags.(改为否定句)

  Mr. Cool’s store ______ ______ bags.

  48.How much is the sweater?(改为同义句)

  ______the______ ______ of the sweater?

  49.1 want a green T-shirt.(对划线部分提问)

  ______ ______ you want?

  50. We have a basketball game. (改为一般疑问句)

  ______ ______ ______ a basketball game?

  51. The school trip is October 30th. (对划线部分提问)

  _______ ______ the school trip?

  52. My uncle is thirty. (同上)

  _______ ______ is your uncle?

  53. Mary, are you thirteen years old? (作否定回答)

  _______, _______ ________.

  54. What’s your age? (同义句)

  _______ ________ are you?

  55. My science teacher is Mr. Wang.(对划线部分提问)

  _________________ _____________ ______________ science teacher?

  56. He likes the bag because he likes its color.( 对划线部分提问)

  ______________ ______________ he ______________ the bag?

  57. She likes green best. (同义句)

  ___________________ _____________ _________________ is green.

  58. I think that subject is boring.(同义句)

  I __________________ think that subject is ___________________.

  59.I have a ball.(改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

  __________ _________ _________a ball? _______,_______ ________

  60.My brother has a sports collection.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

  _______ _______brother _______ a sports collection ?

  ________,________ ________.

  61.We watch TV every day.(改否定句)

  We ___________ __________ TV every day.

  62.Her sister watches TV every day.(改否定句)

  Her sister ___________ ________TV every day.

  63.Do they have tennis rackets?(改为单数句)

  ________ _________ _________ tennis ______?

  64.I have a ball.(用Tom 代替I 改写句子)

  _________ __________a ball.

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