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  What is your father? He is a doctor.


  Who is that boy? He is my brother

  3)询问相貌特征 4)询问目的

  What is she like?=What does she look like? What did they come here for?

  She is beautiful. To attend a meeting.

  5)询问原因 6)询问天气

  Why did they come here? How is the weather today?

  Because they have a meeting to attend. = What is the weather like today?

  7)询问颜色 8)询问尺寸

  What dolor is her skirt? What size does he wear?

  It’s red. He wars 40.

  9)询问钟点 10)询问星期

  What time is it? What day is it today?

  It’s 7:30. It’s Tuesday.

  11)询问几号 12)询问年龄

  What is the date today? How old is he?

  It’s May 2. He is 38.

  13)询问多久 14)询问长度

  How long have you been here? How long is the bridge?

  For five months. It’s 500 metres.

  15)询问距离 16)询问频度

  How far is it from here to the zoo? How often do you come back?

  It’s 6 kilometres. Once a week.

  17)询问多快 18)询问数量

  How soon will she arrive? How many jackets do you have?

  In an week. How much coffee do you want?

  19)询问价格 20)询问高度

  How much is it? How tall is she?

  How much does it cost? How high is the tower?


  1.What’s your favorite subject?你最喜欢的学科是什么?


  例如:My favorite subject is English.(定语)我最喜欢的学科是英语。

  The book is my favorite(表语)。这本书是我最喜欢的。


  例如:The girl is a favorite.此女孩是受人欢迎得人。

  2.Then make your own conversation.然后自编一组对话。


  1) make sb. do sth.让某人做某事。如:He makes me work all day.他让我整天工作。

  2) make sb. /sth+形容词。如:Let’s make our class clean.咱们把教室打扫干净吧!

  3) Make after sb追求某人

  make friends交朋友

  make tea/coffee沏茶/泡咖啡,

  make a coat 做衣服

  make the bed铺床

  make meal/breakfast/supper/lunch/dinner 做饭/早餐/晚饭/午饭/正餐 。

  3.Why do you like math? 你为什么喜欢数学?

  释:这是以why 引导的特殊疑问句,why 引导的特殊疑问句是就原因进行提问的,因此


  例如:-Why do you like P.E? 你为什么喜欢体育?

  -Because it’s fun. 因为它有趣。

  4.Who is your science teacher?你的自然老师是谁?

  释:这是以who 引导的特殊疑问句, 如果疑问代词是问句的主语或以“疑问形容词+名词”为问句的主语,这个问句就用正常的陈述句语序。

  例如:Who is your teacher? 谁是你的老师?

  5.My science teacher is Mr Wang.我的自然老师是王先生。

  释:在句中Mr. Wang为称呼语,称呼语要放在问候语之后,前面要加逗号。Mr.意为“先生”,是Mister的缩写形式,第一个字母须大写,不能单独使用,必须和姓连用,放在姓前面,这一点与汉语不同。

  注:Mr.先生、Miss小姐(未婚女子)、Ms女士(已婚或婚否不明)三者都习惯于人的姓之前称呼。如:Mr. Wang王先生, Miss Green格林小姐, Ms Mary 玛莉女士。这种表达形式与汉语语序不同,绝不能把“王先生”说成Wang Mr.,“格林小姐”说成Green Miss,“玛莉女士”Mary Ms。使用Mr.、Miss和 Ms三词时第一个字母要大写。当称呼某某老师时,常用这三个词。如:“高老师”要说Mr.(Miss,Ms) Gao ,而不能说Teacher Gao 和Gao Teacher。

  6 What’s your mother’s favourite color?你妈妈最喜欢的颜色是什么?

  释:句中的mother’s 是名词所有格,意为 “母亲的” ,名词所有格是在表示有生命的名词末尾加“s”,表示“……的”,其变化规则如下:

  (1)单数名词和不以“s”结尾的人名后,加“s”,如:the girl’s name女孩的名字。

  (2)在以“-s”结尾的单数名词后加“’”,如:marks’ desk 麦克斯的书桌。

  (3)在规则的复数名词的“-s”后面加所有格符号“’”。如:Students’ books学生的书。

  (4)在没有“-s”结尾的复数名词后用所有格用“’s”的形式。如:Children’s Day 儿童节。

  (5)两人共同拥有的人或物,如:Lucy and lily’s mother 露西和莉的妈妈。

  不是两人共同拥有的人或物,如:Lucy’s and WeiHua’s mothers 露西和伟华的妈妈们.

  7. It’s Tuesday, November11.今天是11月11日,星期四。


  例如:It’s Monday,October ist today.

  Today is monday,October 1st.今天是十月一日,星期一。

  在疑问句及否定句中,通常用it 作语,而不用today 作主语。例如:一般不能说:Is today Tuesday? 或Today isn’t Tuesday.


  注:如要询问星期几,一般用What day…? 来提问。

  例如:What day is it today? 今天星期几?Its Saturday today. 今天是星期日。

  如要询问日期,则有What date…?提问。

  例如:What date is it today? 今天几号?Its September 10th.今天是九月十日。

  8. I’m really busy today! 我今天真的很忙。

  释:1)句中really是形容词real 的副词,意为“真实地、真正地”,在句中常常?梢孕


  例如:I really love you very much我真地非常爱你。

  2) be busy 表示“很忙”。

  例如:My mother is busy today. 我妈妈今天很忙。

  注:关于busy 的常见句式还有:

  be busy with sth 忙于……be busy doing sth. 忙着做……

  例如:He is busy with his homework .=He is busy doing his homework.


  9. Our teacher is very stict and makes me very tined.我们的老师非常严格,他使我很疲倦。

  释:1)句中的strict mother 一位严厉的母亲,a strict teacher 一位严格的老师。

  2)句中草药make 意为“使…成…(的状况)”,常用make+名词/代词+形容词结构.

  例如:This makes me very happy. 这使我们非常高兴。

  注:①be strict with sb. 表示“对某人要求严格”的意思。

  例如:My parents are strict with me. 我父母对我要求非常严格。

 、赽e strict in sth. 表示“对某事要求严格”的意思。

  例如:Our teacher is strict in everything.


 、踒e strict with sb. in sth 则表示 对某人在每件事上都要求严格。

  例如:My parents are strict with me in everything. 我父母在每件事上对我要求严格。


  ( )1. It’s very kind ____ you ____ help me.

  A. of; for B. to; do C. of; to D. for; for

  分析:C 本题考查常用句型It’s (very) kind/nice of sb. to do sth. 选C。

  ( )2. —Could you ask her ____ me back, please? I have something to tell her.


  A. call B. to call C. calling D. call to

  分析:B本题通过上下文语境考查固定词组ask sb. to do sth.“请求某人做某事”的用法,选B。

  ( )3. —I don’t like the green coat.

  —____ the red one?

  A. What’s B. Where’s C. What about D. How

  分析:C本题通过语境考查征询别人意见或建议的句子, “……怎么样?”用What/How

  about ... ? 因此选C。

  ( )4. I like these shoes. Can I ____?

  A. try it on B. try them on C. try on it D. try on them

  分析:B shoes是复数, 其代词宾格应为them, try on 跟代词时, 代词应放在try和on中间, 故选B。

  ( )5. —Would you like to go out for a picnic tomorrow?

  —Yes, I’d love to.

  —Don’t forget ____ some drinks.

  A. bringing B. to bring C. taking D. to take

  分析:B本题通过语境考查forget的用法以及bring与take的区别。forget to do sth. 忘记做某事(未做);forget doing sth.“忘记做过某事(已做) ”。bring为“取来, 拿来”之意。take为“拿走”之意。根据语境:“记得带些饮料去野餐”, 因此选B。

  ( )6. That coat is nice and I’ll ____ it.

  A. try B. take C. want D. put

  分析:B根据语境, 此题指购物时买下某物的说法。在购物时, 要买下某物时常说

  I’ll/We’ll take ... 因此选B。

  ( )7. —What time is it?

  —It’s ____.

  A. four four-five B. a quarter to five

  C. three quarters past four D. forty-five four

  分析:B根据时间表达法, B应是正确答案。另一种表达为four forty-five。

  ( )8. —Could you help me, please?

  —Sure. What would you like me ____?

  A. do B. to do C. doing D. does

  分析:B本题考查would like sb. to do sth. 的用法, 它的意思是“想让某人做某事”, 因此选B。

  ( )9. —Do you want ____ with me?

  —Yes, I do.

  A. to do any shopping B. do any shopping

  C. to do some shopping D. do some shopping

  分析:本题考查want to do sth. 和do some shopping的用法, 在疑问句和否定句中some不需变成any。

  ( )10. I don’t have ____ apple juice, but I have ____ orange juice.

  A. any; some B. some; some C. any; any D. some; any

  分析:A 本题考查some与any的基本用法。some与any都作“一些”讲的时候, some一般用于肯定句;any一般用于否定句、条件句、疑问句中。但在表示征询意见或建议的疑问句中常用some而不用any。




  1. —How many students are there in your class?

  —F . Thirty boys and twenty girls.

  2. —What color is your new bike?

  —O .

  3. My best friend was born in 1994, so he is thirteen y old now.

  4. Simon’s parents are very b and don’t have much time to talk with him.

  5. My father b two books from the library twice a month.


  6. —It’s very hot in (夏天) in Dongtai.

  —That’s right.

  7. I usually spend twenty minutes (读) English every day.

  8. As we all know Yao Ming is a famous basketball (运动员) in the world.

  9. My toy is a white one. So the black one isn’t (我的).

  10. —Can you see many tall trees (在……之间) the hills?

  —Yes, I can.


  ( )1.—______ does he like science? —Because it’s interesting.

  A. What B. Why C. When D. Where

  ( )2.—What’s Tom’s favorite city?

  —______ favorite city is New York.

  A. Its   B. It’s  C. His D. He

  ( )3.—____ does your music teacher come? —At nine o’clock.

  A. When B. What C. Who D. Why

  ( )4.I like math _______it’s difficult for me.

  A. but   B. and   C. or D. Because

  ( )5.—___ does he have P.E ? —He has P.E. at 3:00 in the afternoon .

  A. When. B. What C. Where D. Why

  ( )6.We have politics ______ Tuesday.

  A. on B. in C. at D. /

  ( )7.—Where does he live? —He _________in Beijing.

  A. lives   B. live    C. is living D. to live

  ( )8.—Do you like music? —________

  A. Yes, it does.  B. No, it isn’t.

  C. Yes, because it’s relaxing. D. No, I do.

  ( )9.Let me ___ the new student to the classroom.

  A. take B. takes C. to take D. taking

  ( )10. Can you play ?

  A. the basketball B. the football C. piano D. the piano

  ( )11. Music very relaxing.

  A. sound B. sounds C. look D. looks

  ( )12.—What do you eat for breakfast ? —__________.

  A. At 6:30 B. Usually C. Bread and eggs D. At home

  ( )13.—What’s your favorite color ? —My favorite color is ______.

  A. baseball B. science C. hamburger D. white

  ( )14.After class, I have gymnastics .

  A. At two hours B. for two hours C. for a hour D. at an hour

  ( )15.—Is Steve’s favorite day Friday? — .

  A. No, it is B. Yes, he is C. Yes, it is D. No, he isn’t


  1.My favorite subject is science.(就划线部分提问)

  _____ ______your favorite subject?

  2.He is really busy today.(改为一般疑问句)

  ____ _____ really busy today?

  3.I like P.E. best.(改写同义句)

  ______ ______ subject is P.E.

  4.He likes art because it’s fun. (就划线部分提问)

  _____ does he ____ art?

  5.My science teacher is Mr Green.

  _____ ______ your science teacher? (就划线部分提问)

 、.情景交际 从II栏中找出与I栏相对应的答语。

  I II

  ( )1.Is Saturday the sixth day of the week?

  ( )2.Why does Jim like biology?

  ( )3.Who is your Chinese teacher?

  ( )4.What is his favorite subject?

  ( )5.Does Amy like math best?

  ( )6.What’s your favorite color?

  ( )7.What time do you get up?

  ( )8.What day is it today? ( )9.Can you speak Japanese? ( )10.Where is the guitar?


  My dear friends, let me tell you something about my daily timetable(时间表). I ___ (1) at 7:00 and I go to ____ (2) at 8:00.I have science at ____ (3) and then I have math at 10:00. ____ (4) is my favorite subject. I like math because it’s ___ (5). Mr. Dai is our math _____ (6). I like him very much. I eat _____ (7) at 12:00 and then I have music at 1:00.I have history at 2:00.I _____ (8) like history because it is boring. But I __ (9) like art and I want to be an ___ (10). I have art on Wednesday at 2:00.

  ( )1.A.work B. get up C. study D. go to bed

  ( )2.A.home B. movie C. school D. work

  ( )3.A.six B. nine C. eleven D. twelve

  ( )4.A.Music B. Math C. English D. Chinese

  ( )5.A.boring B. difficult C. interesting D. relaxing

  ( )6.A.teacher B. partner C. classmate D. parent

  ( )7. A.breakfast B. dinner C. lunch D. /

  ( )8.A.not B. doesn’t C. don’t D. can’t

  ( )9.A.kindly B. really C. surely D. well

  ( )10.A.artist B. actor C. teacher D. president



  Mr. Grey is a teacher of English. He is not a very young man, but he is not old, either. He knows three or four languages and reads and speaks and writes them well. He reads many books and writes some.

  His desk is in the middle of the room. Pens, pencils and ink(墨水) bottle are on the desk. There is some paper, too. The telephone is on the left. There is a reading-lamp behind the telephone. It is almost eleven o’clock at night now. But Mr. Grey is still working. He works very late. Sometimes he works till two or three o’clock in the morning. But usually he goes to bed at about twelve or one o’clock.

  He teaches his students very well. All of them like him. He is not only(不仅) their teacher but also(而且) their friend.

  ( )1.Mr. Grey is an _____ teacher.

  A. old B. geography C. English D. math

  ( )2.From the passage we know Mr. Grey’s languages are very _____.

  A. good B. fast C. well D. slow

  ( )3.In the second paragraph(第二段), we know Mr. Gray works ______.

  A. late at night B. at noon

  C. early in the morning D. for long time in the morning

  ( )4.Mr. Grey’s ____ is wonderful.

  A. cooking B. music C. fishing D. teaching

  ( )5.The passage is mainly about ______.

  A. Mr. Grey’s languages B. the friendly teacher

  C. Mr. Grey’s family D. a good teacher


  One day an old woman wants to see her son in Paris. When she goes to the small station,she forgets the time the train is coming and leaving. She looks around and she sees a boy playing with a toy pistol(手枪) nearby. She comes up to him and asks for help. The boy doesn’t say a word. He only points to her with his pistol, says “/ tu: tu: tu: tu: tu: tu: /”, then he runs away quickly. The old woman is very angry. She doesn’t know why the boy plays such a joke with(同某人开玩笑) her. The train comes. She gets on the train. When the train starts, she suddenly smiles: How clever the boy is! He tells her the time in that way!

  ( )1.The old woman goes to the small station___.

  A. to play B. to see her son in Paris

  C. to take a train to Paris D. to see her daughter in Paris

  ( )2.--What is the boy doing? – He ____

  A. plays with a pistol. B. playing with a toy.

  C. is watching a train nearby D. is playing with a toy pistol.

  ( )3.Does the boy answer the woman’s question?

  A. No, she isn’t. B. Yes, he does. C. No, he doesn’t. D. Yes, he don’t.

  ( )4.The boy is a ___boy.

  A. clever B. foolish C. sad D. happy

  ( )5.When does the train stay at the station?

  1: 40—2:20 a.m. B. 1:58—2:02 p.m. C. 2:02—1:58 p.m. D. 20:02—21:08










  Dear e-friend

  Thank you for writing to me. I want to tell you something about my life.






 、、A) 1. Fifty 2. Orange 3. years 4. busy 5. borrows

  B) 6. summer 7. reading 8. player 9. mine 10. between

  II. 1~5 BCAAA 6~10 AACAD 11~15 BCDBC

  III. 1.What, is 2.Is ,he 3. My, favorite 4.Why, like 5. Who ,is

  V.1~5 DEFGH 6~10 BICJA VI.1~5 BCBBC 6~10 ACCBA

 、.1~5 CAADD 6~10 CDBAB

  VIII. One possible version

  Dear e-friend

  Thank you for writing to me. I want to tell you something about my life.

  I study in Beijing Sunshine Middle School. I usually get up at 6:30 in the morning. I go to school at 7:30. We have classes from 8:30 to 11:30. I play basketball with my classmates after 4:30 in the afternoon, then I go home. I spend an hour on homework every night. There is too much homework for us. We all dislike it. I go to bed at about 9:30.



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